CNET 丨Wrong BRC-20, afraid to see LTC-20

Recently, the BRC market has exploded, and many investors have obtained huge profits in it, creating myths of getting rich one after another. However, with the fermentation of hot spots, investors continued to pour in, and this track gradually became unprofitable. Investors who miss the opportunity should not beat their chests. The encryption market will never lack opportunities, but it depends on how you grasp it. The money earned by luck will eventually be lost by strength. When a new opportunity paradigm emerges in the market and the track is too crowded, finding and betting on the track is a relatively simple and high-return strategy: what we are going to introduce today is LTC-20.

Litecoin is compared to Bitcoin, LTC-20 is compared to BRC-20. Litecoin is a token developed based on the original intention of improving Bitcoin. It was forked from the Bitcoin blockchain on November 9, 2011 and is called “digital silver”. Technically, Litecoin has the same implementation principle as Bitcoin. LTC-20 is a token protocol launched by developers in the community on the Litecoin network. Similar to the original BRC-20 concept, LTC-20 provides users with the ability to cast text, pictures, videos, audio, etc. on NFT.

There is no doubt that the potential of LTC-20 is huge, based on the characteristics of Litecoin superior to the Bitcoin network (although Bitcoin is the leader in the field of digital assets, due to its slow transaction speed and high transaction costs, its application scenarios are limited), LTC can handle a large number of transaction needs at a lower cost and faster transaction speed, compared with BRC-20: Litecoin produces a block every 2.5 minutes (Bitcoin 10 minutes), you can get more Fast transaction confirmation, while the gas fee is extremely low (less than 0.1 u per transaction, ranging from a few u to hundreds of u per transaction in Bitcoin), and has more advantages in terms of block generation speed, flexibility, transaction costs, etc. Therefore, compared with Bitcoin, Litecoin is more conducive to the ecological development of Ordinals,

Since the launch of LTC-20 on May 3, the on-chain activity of Litecoin has been quietly increasing. On May 9, the single-day usage rate of Litecoin even surpassed that of Bitcoin, which was recognized and supported by the market. This also makes the event of “Litecoin halving” more and more people’s attention. The LTC-20 market has a bright future. Investors need to seize the opportunity quickly and don’t miss the opportunity to enter this track again. At the same time, I also hope that Litecoin can seize the market opportunity and attention brought by the hot event of BRC, develop LTC-20 to further expand its market share and influence, and achieve further development in the encryption industry.

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